Skyers 5 Episode:01 Break down the ghost plan.

 Skyers 5 ” (Ska Years Five) is, TBS original has been planning and production at the initiative television animation , and has been Komikaraizu prior to it, 1966 years from 1968 to Shueisha monthly magazine of ” boy book ” of the series Kawasaki It is a cartoon of climbing drawing . Story: Young man Hentaro, who lost his mother and sister for the terror of the international criminal organization “Ghost” led by the mysterious leader, became a member of the International Police Superior Unit “Skyers 5” and was a “ghost” crime Challenge.



Skyers 5″

The Japan International Secret Police ‘s elite unit to face directly with criminal organizations. Five members including a leader called “captain” make a direct confrontation with the investigator and the criminal with the all-purpose car · skiers as the main weapon. At the time of dispatching, the headquarters’ chair jumps like a rocket and jumps to the skiers and other vehicles as it is.

Four people excluding the captain each have a symbol (suite) of the cards as a symbol, and each wears a vest containing unique marks. A rocket injection device is installed in the heel portion of each shoe so that it can jump higher and jump off from a higher place.

TCJ (present · Aiken ) production. 1967 October 4, from the same year on December 27 to TBS affiliated stations in the black-and-white version was broadcast, but was completed in 1 Cool all 12 episodes without seeing the conclusion of the story (+ re-broadcast episode).

Well fans we hope you like this oldie and we look forward to hearing from you, as always we appreciate your support Kingmenu and Staff.

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