Kingmenu: Fall Special 2018: Heisei Harenchi Gakuen is Here!

Hey Fans, Kingmenu, dig into the vaults to bring out this  rare gem!! And no we did not subtitle this..but thought you go nagai fans..would love to see one of his first creations : Harenchi Gakuen (ハレンチ学園, lit. “Shameless School”) is a Japanese media franchise created by Go Nagai  Harenchi Gakuen was one of the manga serialized in the very first issue of Shueisha’s manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump. The series was the first big success for Go Nagai. It is also considered as the first modern erotic manga, sometimes considered the first hentai manga, though Nagai never used explicit sexual situations in the original run of the manga. Origins:


In 1968, while Shueisha was getting prepared to launch its first manga publication, Shōnen Jump, in order to compete with other magazines from rival companies (like Shōnen Magazine from Kodansha and Shōnen Sunday from Shogakukan), Nagai was invited to be one of the first manga artists publishing in the new magazine. He contemplated this, since he had to design a long-running series instead of the autoconclusive short stories that he had been developing until that point.[1] He accepted, and the series became Nagai’s first big success[2] when Shōnen Jump sold more than one million copies.[3] With Harenchi Gakuen, Nagai became the originator of ecchi manga,[4] opened the door for a series of taboo-shattering gag comics,[5] and also became the symbol of an entire generation.[3]This work has influenced the world of manga, effecting both social mores and what was considered appropriate for manga.[6]


Harenchi Gakuen started with the idea of making a manga around a school. Nagai liked the word “Harenchi” (scandal), which was used commonly to advertise adult movies. For him, scandal and school were like oil and water, and he thought that mixing them would be funny.[4] At first, Nagai didn’t have an idea of what stories to develop, but his assistant at the time was boasting about how he had peeped on the girls during their physical examinations from a hole in the roof of his school; this idea was developed into the plot of the manga.[4] Originally, open erotic references didn’t appear in Harenchi Gakuen. The first physical examination scenes only showed from the shoulders up, but there were a lot of girls drawn, and their images became popular. The editor asked Nagai to go further, which Nagai was eager to do.[4]

The inspiration for Harenchi Gakuen came from the West. Nagai liked foreign movies, and used to read Playboy magazine. For the depiction of breasts, he took particular inspiration from the Venus de Milo.[4] According to Nagai, what he in fact drew was not about eroticism per se, but about Japan’s culture of shame. He wanted embarrassment to be the eroticism of the stories.[4]Heisei Harenchi Gakuen (平成ハレンチ学園, lit. Modern-Era Shameless School) is a 1996 Japanese adult original video animationdirected by Hiroyuki Muramatsu. It is the only animated film to be based on the manga by Go Nagai

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