Koukou Butouden Crows OVA 01, Is Here!

Yes like I said Kingmenu is back! And here’s another gem for you! Koukou Butouden Crows …Close ” is, Hiroshi Takahashi due to Japan of bad comic work. It was serialized at ” Monthly Shonen Champion ” ( Akita Shoten ) from 1990 to 1998 . he title “Close” is attached because it compared the bad boy to a crow (CROW). Initially, he set about the hero · Boya Haruno who had been transferred to a super faulty school · Suzuran boys high school, and draws how to foster friendship by fighting various fighting enemies repeatedly. As the story advanced and the characters increased, emphasis was placed on individual depiction in the group image.Basically, all the characters are men. Although the school is mainly the stage, the original landscape of the student life such as classes, department activities etc is not drawn to say that it is totally at all, and the teacher also does not appear except for the Boshi. Just draws a poorly described youth such as fighting in a fight. The concrete name of the area which is the stage of this work is not set.

Suzuran High School takes the alias of “school of crow”, the best high school in the prefecture. It was abhorred by nearby students and residents. Yasu who goes to such a high school meets Buddha Haruno where he is chased by Akutsu on the train .

In Suzuran High School , the conflict between Hiroshima Bando and Hiromi, Pon and Mako Ebisuka is intensifying, and in such a time Haruno is involved in a struggle. Therefore, Chunpu will demonstrate the strength of his fight.The main character of this work. Hairstyle is blond hair all back , always wearing skjan . Bright and trendy personality with a shabby. As I was a junior high school student, I celebrated lone wolf as a result of a certain incident as a trigger, but on the other hand my fellow consciousness was very strong, and if I had a crisis of my companion I could endanger my own danger I am willing. But there is a shy face, I do not want to show such part to others. Although saying that it is not bad oneself, I have a policy of paying for sparks that fall down.When I was in my 2nd grade, I transferred to Suzuran, I fought fiercely with Osaka Dong-ichi, Armed Frontists, Gensen Gakuen and won all fights except Linderman’s two times Timan. Eventually, it will be counted as one of the “four heavenly kings” along with the armed fight Kuon no Ryosuke, the black firing association bull, Tensei school girl Tonoya Miu, but in fact it is recognized as the strongest man in the city There. At the time of the 3 rd grade, the “strongest man in the bad world” Nine-headed God Ryuo (Kazu ga Tatsuo) was knocked down by Timan and his name became known all over the country.While Suzuran and other school synchronized graduates graduate, I am retired only by one single year student. Then told Yasu “to quit school” and disappeared from the city as it was. Just a little background on a few characters,,but we hope you enjoy this one, as always we thank you for your support  KM & Staff.24261

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