From the Vaults of Shockwave: Kingmenu Presents: Genocyber

Geno Cyber Symbolic Demonic Beast ” (Geno Cyber ​​Episode of Maju / Genocyber) was released in 1993 OVA . Extreme cruel portrayal in the United States has brought about a hot topic.  There are many insufficient explanations such as the relationship of the characters and the setting of the world view, but the quality of the animation by the cell picture is quite high. Story: Twin sisters Elaine and Diana had the power of bioenergy “Vajra” by nature. When the minds of two people merge, a super life form “geno cyber” is born. A half-century battle between Geno Cyber ​​and Human beings now begins.Geno Cyber ​​Demonic Beast of the Imaginary World OVA directed by Koichi Ohata, WE HOPE YOU LIKE THIS..KM -STAFF.

Direct Download:


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