Apocalypse Zero: Kakugo Complete OAV. 01 Is Here!

Hey Fans! Yes Kingmeu is back again, with Shockwave, bring you a action pack one here! Set in the near future Tokyo, which was devastated by nuclear war and environmental pollution , the strongest fighting sports “Zero defense technique” formulated in the former Japanese army, the armor which the spirit of the human experiment was the victim of human experiments, the reinforced exoskeleton “zero Battle with the older brother “Human demon and diver” prepared to plan to destroy humanity behind it and the monster attacking human beings, “Leaf Hidden Preparedness” which fights to protect people with the weapon as the weapon .Hakagure Kako, hero. I’m transferring to the Reverse Cross School. Learn zero defensive technique and put a reinforced exoskeleton “Zero (Zero)” . She wears herself in a pure white packing collar ( which resembles the uniform of the former Japanese naval officer ) and wears glasses. Kimei technique is a zero type cross counter called “causation” . Born on December 25, 1999.

Hagakure no Rara My older brother. Dressed reinforced exoskeleton “Kasumi” is wearing, but decided to destroy humans for the earth as a result of certain events experienced at that time. Beyond sex, it became a human demon (Arahi Arai) who abandoned human beings . Based on Galant Castle, we organize numerous people outside with charisma. Characteristic Inside “zero” , “Kasumi” , “Earthquake” there is a ghost spirit (and its intention) dwelling or dwelling. According to preparedness, a reinforced exoskeleton without soul is said to be “just an omission shell” . Exoskeleton is often called “living armor” . It is unclear whether this metaphor is indicative of the existence of intention to stay in the exoskeleton or biological components constituting the exoskeleton.Whether there is any intention or soul in “hail” , “tusk” , “popular type strengthened exoskeleton”. Just a run-down on the power of these characters..but enough ..we look forward to hearing from you, as always..We thank you for your support. And stay tuned for more surprises in-store!

Original work: Yukige Yamaguchi                            Directed by: Toshihiro Hirano

Character Design: Keisuke Watanabe                       Animation: Reed Production

Production: Big West                                                   Release date: 1996 October 23rd

December 18th 1996
Victor Entertainment


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