Shonan Junai Gumi! OVA.01

Shonan Junaku! ” (Shouanan Junai Aiko!) Is a manga work of Japan by Toru Fujisawa . Total volume is 31 volumes. A story of bad with the main characters of Eikichi Onizuka and Ryuji Amimi called “demon explosive combination” . There is ” GTO ” in the sequel . In addition, there is ” BAD COMPANY ” which depicts the era of junior high school age . The work originally gag Yes Battle of there romantic comedy was a line, but the story of the bad ones has been deployed immediately. However, it is not merely a bad thing, but the theme is “what is masculinity.”


Defeated dungeon The detonated combi that had been tightening the Far East high school receives a notice of withdrawal from the school. However, it was a camouflage work by himself, it was a voluntary withdrawal to become a pampy (ordinary person), washing his feet from Yankee which is now less than a geek . Both of them start resorts at Yoron Island , with the aim of discarding their virginity .

After that, the detonation combo who moved to Tsujido High School began to sell fights from various defects and spend every day with fights. OVA, Original work Toru Fujisawa Animation production JCSTAFF   1994. Stay tuned for the next episode coming soon!! KM.



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