Kingmenu Spring Special: Rokushin Gattai GodMars: Juunanasai no Densetsu Movie English Subbed

Yes this is one that’s is hard to locate, and I thought sharing this with you Die-hard Fans!  God Mars: The Legend of 17 Years, Six God , this one came from our archive, and thought we present it here..since it hard to find a subbed of this. Here  the basic story line to this movie. which was actually a TV series years ago. but were focusing on the hard to find OVA…Marg was deprived his little brother, Mars, by Zure, and lost his parents. Therefore, he was living alone on the planet, Gishin. He became a member of guerrilla to riot against the dictator Zure, and he fell in love with Ruru, the daughter of the leader, Ura. However, the organization was destroyed. He was trapped by Zure, and he was brainwashed to become a soldier. Then, his long cherished wish that he would meet his brother again was realized… as a duel with him. Gaia, God Mars, and the Gishin robot Zeron receive redesigns although the OVA mostly focuses on an alternate telling of Marg’s life on Gishin up until the events of episode 19. And to find out more on that you will have to watch the series, if your new to this show. Ova, Aired: Jun 5, 1988 Producers: TV Series First episode date: October 2, 1981, Tokyo Movie Shinsha


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