Soujuu Senshi Psychic Wars OVA Is here!

Kaidan Senshi ” is a Japanese novel SF novel by Yasuaki Kadota . In 1991 it became OVA with the title of ” Beast Soldier Psychic Wars ” .A brilliant surgeon Ukyo Retsu performs an operation to remove a tumor from a mysterious old woman. The cancer turns out to be a 5000 year old demon, a dark messenger from Japan’s ancient past heralding a demonic invasion of Earth. Ukyo travels to the remains of an ancient city where he finds a gateway into the fabric of time which enables him to travel back 5000 years. There in the Earth’s past, he discovers a race of demons that are planning to use the gateway to travel to the present in order to destroy mankind and make the Earth their own. Can Ukyo defeat the ancient race of demons and save the Earth, or will mankind be wiped out? Yeah, were bringing it in on a high note for you Anime Fans! And to you new comers welcome to Kingmenu A great Anime Site!




Direct Download Link:


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