Ultimate Teacher OVA.01 Kyoufu no Bio Ningen Saishuu Kyoushi is Here!

Hi fans Kingmenu here, just and it near the end of the year 2017, and we still has more to try to squeeze in here for your Christmas and New Years Holidays! This one we presenting is one I been wanting to see translated for some time. And I finally get the chance to bring you another Gem ..well thanks to Shockwave 2017 which this one was one of his favorite..he kept around for some quite time. Anyway here a bit of the plot for you fans, courtesy from the  myanimelist.net/anime Thanks. At a run down school the “Ultimate Teacher” Ganpachi is sent to get things back on track and prepare the delinquent students for the real world. But the students don’t want Ganpachi ruining the gang they got going so their boss, Hinako, fights back Ganpachi aided by her secret power…her lucky kitty underwear. Things get more interesting when we find out Ganpachi is the result of genetic experiments. Need we say more this one you will really enjoy. And we look forward to seeing you next year.To start our news shows and more surprises in-stored so hang on to your seats. KM.


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