Good Morning Altea Ova

Good Morning Altea ” (Good Morning Altea) is Japanese animation of animated film production. As OVA on December 16, 1987 [1] was released from Network Frontier Business Division, now Bandai Visual .

In the Christian era 2400’s, Earth humankind was defeated by the fight with the emblem group (Halma Kuhtz), and it was under occupation now. The Battleship Tetrascione, who was under rescue of the Crests, was surprised by a crest ship controlled by a crazy machine life automaton, only Gallori, Nikolai, Jennings survive, but Jennings dies in a second attack. Gallorian awakens Altair with a creature girl, who rescued her, to increase its strength. Because of the destruction of the automaton in the center of the enemy crest ship, Galori and Altair rush into the enemy crest ship for rescuing survivors. Three survivors inside the enemy crest ship are rescued by Nikolai, but they are killed in an explosion before escaping. Meanwhile, Gallorii and Altair confront against Automaton. Nicolai will join, but Altea will be assimilated by the automaton. By assimilation Altea knows the weaknesses of the automaton and Galliori succeeds in destroying the automaton.

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