Tiger Mask II Is back! Episode 20: Running fast! Tiger Hurricane. Is here!

Yes Fans the long awaited return of the series Tiger Mask II is here!! so many of you loyal fans been asking the question on this series will it returned? And yes as Kingmenu promised that it would after a six month rest from the series..and many of you fans been steady watching the old episodes and we thank you for this support. Oh yeah…the classic team of Km and Shockwave is back! And we look forward to your comments. Continuing from last year onward the staff and myself had to refresh our memory and look at the previous episodes and get reacquainted again hahaha. But were up to speed and ready so sit back and fasten your seats fans cause here comes Tiger Mask II. In the last episodes 19 ending Tiger Mask confronts Shinigami Silver at the Olympic stadium in the middle of the night when the thunder rings and it rains. where they will have an one on one battle to see who is the stronger between them..While Arman Hassan dispatch the SPI unit headed by Geller. These Americans are ruthless mercenary soldiers, trained to obey even the most inhuman orders. Geller is the general of these unscrupulous people and the personification of evil in its most blatant form: not a man of firm and principled,he sold his soul to the devil. He then needed him to do the most criminal work, Anyway I wont give it all away fans just see for yourself! Once again we thank you fans as always, Kingmenu, Shockwave and Staff.









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