Katsugeki Shojo Tanteidan (Girl Detective Club) Ova 1986

Hi fans, It been a long overdue return of the classic team that started it all Kingmenu and Shockwave yes.We haven’t collaborated in months on anything if you have notices..And you fans probably wonder or may not notices, what Shockwave been up too…? Well our residential  subtitle encoder..has been laying back on semi R&R.but now Shockwave is back with his unique brand of subtitling . And presenting here another oldie OVA Girl Detective Club aka Katsugeki Shojo Tanteidan

Three friends, who went to the prestigious · St. Gautama girls ‘college formed solitary girls’ detectives and solved various incidents.

One day, Midori ceased to come to school and paid off the dormitory. Onemee and Shizuka who thought suspiciously headed to her home, but they were attacked by the student council of Sonjoji. Two people who know that there is a president of the girls’ school behind the incident head for the permission of the president to help Midori.Our heroine has been kidnapped and her two somewhat ditzy friends decided to save her in a war machine they found in her house. Unfortunately they have little idea of how it works so let the random destruction begin. Classic slapstick one shot OVA..Again we thank you fans for your support..and look forward to more goodies to come.

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