Kingmenu & The Old School Anime & Retro Cave, Presents: Yajikita Gakuen Douchuuki OVA 02 Trekka Peony Amphibia

Hello again fans! As I mention at the end of my last post that the second installment of Yajikita Gakuen Douchuuki OVA 02 will be here! Well fans here it is!  This one is more like a drama dealing with love obsessions. In which our two heroes have to find out another mystery on why students are being target and mostly for what reasons..This is a mystery our two heroines will have to deal with using there detective skills to solved this case. Synopsis: Came to Sakurahanadai high school is excellent in martial arts
jeers san and Kita-san. Here, all of the martial arts section
“Fuso Board” has been responsible, led by the party
girl, sister alley Shirotae had dominated even the school.
Mr. Yaji and Mr. Kita start to explore her family.

Not to much of a premise but a must to see classic! Again I must thank GoNoKen for providing the Raws to this. And Noriko for doing a great Fantastic job translating this gem,and staff for this one.Don’t forget to check out GoNoKen Site for more upcoming joint collaborations. To come .yajikita02

Direct Download:

Original: City East Ryoko (Akita Shoten published “Bonita” series)
Planning: Hiroshi Nomura, Toshinori Takatsuka
Producer: US桝博Noriyuki (tee-up),
Michihisa Abe (JCSTAFF)
Coordinator: Motoyoshi Hideto

Director: Yoshihisa Matsumoto
Screenplay: Asami Watanabe
character design , animation Director: Minoru Yamazawa
art director: Chisato Sunagawa
color setting: Kumiko Oka (studio TOYS)
special effects: Abe Township (Grell workshop)
Director of photography: Shiro Kuki
edit: JAY FILM, Shuichi Kakesu, Okada TeruMitsuru
acoustic Director: Yasunori Honda
sound production: Atsupuro
Music: Kashibaru Nobuhiko
production desk: Tadashi Watanabe
production contact: Takashi Sato

production: tee up, JCSTAFF
production Rights: Akita Shoten


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