Kingmenu Proudly Presents: Tetsujin 28 Go! Episode: o2 Collaspe of the PX Group

Hi Anime fans, this is Kingmenu, yes I been away for sometime, taking care of personal things, but like previous post shock-wave, mention that I will pop up at times, to present you classic Anime to you Die hard fans,  Here Good news I manage to get A-! City Subtitle Site to let me post an episode of Tetsujin 28 Go! We don’t have to mention who that is to you fans! Anyway A-! City owes me a debt, for helping them launch there site. I know there aim is to present the earlier never before seen shows of Tetsujin 28 Go! Series Subbed entirely, directed to the private collectors for sale, that really want the earlier episodes. But they hope to attract the Fans also that mostly view our site here! But you know Kingmenu always want the fans to enjoy these shows and for the ones that can’t afford  the entire early episodes..need I say more??  So presenting Episode o2  Tetsujin 28 Go! We proudly present to this site, Thank you for your support from kingmenu and crew, we look forward to your comments and hopefully

Direct Download Link:

we may attained the 1st episode to post. Like always we thank you fans KM.


6 thoughts on “Kingmenu Proudly Presents: Tetsujin 28 Go! Episode: o2 Collaspe of the PX Group

    • Wow! That show get more requests, ha ha ha, i really had no plans on doing more ..but I’ll have to obtain the raws and possibly start where i left off , it been over 2 years since me and shockwave start this, and now were getting responces, oh by the way check out the new post on Tetsujin 28 go Episode o2, and 3×3 EYEs Ova Chapter 01 by shockwave which was never posted here on this site. KM

  1. Thanks for the sub! Kingmenu dedication to old school anime is admirable, we need more group like yours! However, I can say the same for A-City. It broke all principle of fansubs that goes back into the VHS age. Never charge more than the cost of the medium plus shipping for an anime. True that sponsorship was made to pay for translation like The Techno-Girl did and the sponsor was thank on the tapes. However, the amount was way more reasonable and after it was produce, it was available for everybody at normal price (VHS tape plus shipping). So it’s one thing to asking money to sponsor translation, but requiring 150 US$ per episide is highly questionable, unethical, and borderline illegal. By the way, Bite me Chamelon episode was release on VHS by ADV eons ago, so any english subtlitle of episode could have been OCR of the VHS-rip done by Ra-C in 2010. Fansub should be distribute freely via download or elsewere, otherwise, it’s becoming bootlegging and breech all use all fair use…. I ho

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