Tiger Mask II Episode: 19 “Grim Reaper Silver of betrayal”

Hey Fans! You probably was wondering what happen to our favorite ongoing series, Tiger Mask II? Well we took a breather from it as you might had guess..But Oh Tiger is Back with all your favorite characters and on schedule. So here we go again, at the ending of last episode Tiger  had a race against time to get to the arena before the 20 minutes elapse, For the match against the Universal Space Federation. A match he had  fight for the sake of Japan’s oil industries. This is a tag-team  match with consequences, Tiger and Inoki must face The God of Death Grim Reaper Silver and The Giant wrestler Bronze Muscle, a match they must win. As always this classic show is translated by Kingmenu and subtitle by Shockwave 2016

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10 thoughts on “Tiger Mask II Episode: 19 “Grim Reaper Silver of betrayal”

  1. Hi. Can you please send me links to all od the episodes? I was able to find here only a couple of them. Trying to search through google, don’t really have time to search manually through all of the archives.
    I started watching the new series Tiger Mask W, and just find out there are 2 other series as well. Thats probably why i did have an older feeling from the style and animation. I would reaally like to try this serie.
    Thanks for any answer.

    • It very easy to find the links of Tiger Mask II Just go to the Archives sections by months..and you will find them. It depends on what particular episodes your searching?

    • Good Question..currently the staff is on a R&R for a month and we hopefully will be refreshed and continue…i myself Shockwave is ready to go and pick up on the series
      So stay tuned.

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