Hell Target OVA 1987 Is Here!

Hell Target ” ( HELL TARGET ), the animation studio , Nakamura production has its own planning production OVA in the (original video animation), the planet of death on the stage horror full-scale elements of are drawn science fiction work (which is referred to as SF PSYCHO HORROR ANIMATION than package). 1987 January 21 to Victor Entertainment than VHS.


A spaceship is lost near the forbidden planet of Inferno II. Some years later, a second ship with a crew of nine gets there and encounters a monster that rapidly makes mince meat of most of them. The sole survivor, Makurou Kitazato, must destroy the monster before it can surprise a third ship that is already en route. This is one we kept for awhile on the shelf’s, there were a old subbed to this which was done poorly years ago,and a few torrents that may still be  floating around the internet but overall, it was never done. properly. So Shockwave 2016 wanted to redo this for the fans that like horror anime, speaking for myself I’m not a big horror fan, not my taste, but it haves it moments. And it’s the anime is real early 80’s style so I hope you fans enjoy this. KingMenu  this one Subtitle By Shockwave 2016 Director Keito Nakamura Screenwriter Kenichi Matsuzaki Cinematography Animation


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