Memorial Day Special: The Vaults of KingMenu :Roots Search: Shokushin Buttai X, OAV (1986) [VHS]

Yes King Menu is enjoying the memorial day, And this is Shockwave 2016 posting this one! I think you fans will really enjoy this oldie from the vaults of Shockwave 2016 I present Roots Search: Shokushin Buttai X , OAV (1986) [VHS] Another out of print OVA I hope you enjoy this.

Root Search OVA VHS rip.

<> Country : Japan Year : 1986 Genre : Horror, Science Fiction, Drama Type : of OVA Duration : 45 min. Director : Hisashi Suga Studio : Studio, Live Description : each person has their own skeletons in the closet. Having lived enough, you begin to understand that there are innocent people in a dark corner of every soul lies the question, “How terrible is my most guarded secret?”. And a faint hope that this question will never have to answer … Moira – clairvoyant, able to predict the future and see clearly the true nature of man. Because of the unusual abilities Woman placed in a space research center designed to explore its unusual skills and develop them to perfection. Furrow space along with his three companions, she stumbles upon a ship with the sole survivor. But saving him from certain death, Moira and her comrades are admitted on board the horror that no one knew before. Now the creature calls itself “God” begins his bloody game, deftly manipulating the secrets of each team member of the crew. Only an innocent like first snow Moira able to save the lives of those who are on the ship, and to throw off the mask from the false God, look fear in the face. © the Oni, Shiza by Project Extra. Information : years ago was licensed by Central Park Media which has expired Cooperation: AIC  Pierrot


T Nishimura
Photography: Tokyo Animation Film
Hiromedia Co., Ltd.
Nippon Columbia
Studio Run Run




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