Happy Memorial Day 2016: The Menu Vault: Old Classic VHS OVA’s

Hey fans! I thought I’ll dig in the vaults and pull out some oldies , that many fans may have not seen in years? Well especially new anime fans, that were not around during those glory days of VHS, yes there was time when you have to have a VHS to watch imported anime OVA. during the 80,s Era …these VHS were a costly thing to get..and many anime fans today sort  them out which some never were put on DVDs  cause the licensed of the company during that time presented companies no longer exist. The few lucky ones that could afford them, may right now wish they have kept them old relics..I know the smart ones did. and sorting them out today is like a real treasure seeking adventures..but fortunately King Menu has quite a collection of Forgotten OVA,s I think my pal GouNoKen, will like this post, in a way he made me think about the old VHS back in the day. Also fans I recommended you to check out his page http://oldanimeandretrocave.blogspot.se/  Check it out and leave him some comments he doing an awesome job there! now to the main event, First up is one that fans would love to see. The very first OVA Dallos is a science fiction Original video animation released in 1983. It was created by Hisayuki Toriumi, as well as co-written and co-directed with Mamoru Oshii, although Toriumi’s involvement with direction is uncredited.Initial release: December 21, 1983 Director: Mamoru Oshii  Music composed by: Hiroyuki Namba   Production company: Pierrot   Written by: Hisayuki Toriumi, Mamoru Oshii

Yes this one is the one that started it all! And still stands up good today.
Next Up, is one that is very hard to find, and is out of print  Call Me Tonight is a 1986 Japanese original video animation erotic horror comedy short film directed by Tatsuya Okamoto. It was released on July 28, 1986
And last but not least is another VHS out of print OVA Fire Tripper is a Japanese manga by Rumiko Takahashi and published in Weekly Shōnen Sunday in 1983. The manga was later compiled in Rumic World books, which are available in English from Viz Media. It was adapted into an anime OVA. Initial release: December 16, 1985 Director: Motosuke Takahashi First episode date: December 16, 1985, Written by: Rumiko Takahashi, Production company: Pierrot. 
I hope you fans enjoy this Memorial Weekend Special. from Kingmenu and Staff, Oh p.s. yes there subbed also not from us. but from the original productions so this is a real treat.And to the Fans wondering about Tiger Mask II…?? Tiger Mask II is schedule to return next month. with more surprises to come so stay tuned fans!
Happy Memorial Day
King Menu And  Staff

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