Majuu Sensen Ova Part 1 Magical Beast, Coming! Is Here!



Well, Fans! This is a Big Event, One of my Dream Projects, that I always wanted Subbed.I’m so excited to final present this classic Ova Majuu Sensen  or translated  Magical beast Front or Beast Wars. however your preferences. This Ova was originally a Manga created by the late great Ken Ishikawa, yes the same Guy that created Kyomu Senshi MIROKU  and co creator of Getta Robo 1972 with Go Nagai  This is the 1st part of an 3 part OVA. 


13 scientists seek to tap genetic powers by creating a hybrid of man and beast. Years later, 13 of their children are embroiled in a battle to undo their handiwork, while Shinichi, the son of one of the scientists, teams up with Christian super-beings to save the world. I know you fans are gonna get ready for this one! this has all the classic action of the earlier OVA. during that time.And were so glad to present this to you, And if you notice we have a new translator on board . Satoshi who part of our well as our regulars  Shockwave 2016, and myself KM. We look forward to your responses.  As always we thank the Fans for your support..and look forward to hearing from you Kingmenu and Staff.


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