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This site has been doing tremendous Anime for years and I’m glad to see this True Giant in anime bring us Great Gems here are a few of his releases. But if you want to see all of them go here:  And don’t forget to check out the Phantom Yuusha Densetsu which has been posted also. Km

SF Saiyuki Starzinger (1978-79) [ILA-TSHS] Releases

SF Saiyuki Starzinger (1978-79)[ILA-TSHS] Releases

Episode: 1 – 9 + Theatrical Movie.

Episode: 01: First Aired: April 2, 1978


Fly! Princess Aurora


Episode: 02: First Aired: April 9, 1978


The Rowdiest Person in Space



Episode: 03: First Aired: April 16, 1978


I am a Man Too
For the sake of the Princess!


Episode: 04: First Aired: April 23, 1978

Chasing After the Dream
The Adventurous Rascal!



Episode: 05: First Aired: April 30, 1978


Shine on Your Heart!The Friendship Star



Episode: 06: First Aired: May 7, 1978


Astro-Pole, Strong Ally!


Episode: 07: First Aired: May 14, 1978


The Manly Haka’s Great Action!



Episode: 08: First Aired: May 21, 1978


Nightmare Monster’s
Shocker Zone
This is what Nanto from The Skaro Hunting Society wrote about this:
” Here’s the next episode of my digitally re-mastered version (originally subtitled by ILA Fansubs from a VHS source). In this episode, a group of spider monsters attempts to implement the “shocker plan” to prevent Princess Aurora and her crew from getting to The Great King.
Thanks to Gxseries, FreekieDee and all the other former members of ILA. And of course thanks to Gou no Ken for all of his help and support on this project. “



Episode: 09: First Aired: May 28, 1978


The Phantom
Planet Has Disappeared
From Skaro Hunting Society:
” Traveling though dark space for too long, the princess starts to sink into crippling depression. To cheer her up, the cyborgs set a course for Espérance, a planet blessed with much natural beauty.

Thanks to GXSeries, FreekieDee and all the former members of ILA. And of course I can’t forget a massive shout-out to Gou no Ken for all of his help with this project. Check out his blog here, it includes some great vinyl sharity of classic anime soundtrack LPs. “


SF Saiyuki Starzinger movie (1979) [RZP – TSHS]

Theatrical Release: March 17, 1979



Further info and links will come in due time. In the mean time you can check The Skaro Hunting Society site and these links:

Aswell as the download page, where you can find torrents aswell:

Update: The torrents can be found on Nyya here:

/ GouNoKen


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