Scoopers Ova Is Here!

SCOOPERS” (Sukupazu) is, 1987, was released in Japan on December 1 OVA work.

Original work Monkey Punch

In the future city Shambhala City of 22 century, violent crime such as an artificial satellite falling and space shuttle blasting had been occurring frequently. Private Eyes newspaper’s reporters who work in Yoko and photographer of the beat is, the person of the mystery lurking in the back of the case Mr. X had been chasing a scoop of. One of the phone to enter the source of such Yoko us.

“I’m holding the information of Mr. X …”

Immediately is Yoko and beat to follow the truth of the incident, but was headed to the original Dr. Cameron of information provider, Dr. would have been killed by subordinates of Mr. X.However, Dr. has told the hideout of Mr. X to Yoko just before dying, the two island is a hideout of Mr. X techno land boarding.

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