The Decision has been turned Kingmenu will keep the site open!



Fans, this is Shockwave2016, as you may know our site been up for almost 3 years, and we have many visitors that comes on our site some that were friendly and then there the ones that just plain mean and offensive. Km got a bit upset which I wont disclosed that matter..and felt very unappreciated. being his long time buddy for years it took me some doing..but he agree he’ll keep it going ..but for now I will moderated the site until he feels up to it again. Really people don’t know the power of words and how they can hurt and make people feel. Kingmenu always is gracious to his fans as you know in his blogs he always thank you, just like i do, and he gives a great services no matter sometime if the subs are not up to certain fans standard but look who else is bring you what you always want to see? He never asked for profit  nor really gratification on he does it for the love of Anime. And yes Kingmenu will hopefully return. I know right now he’s a bit upset..but I’m sure if i can changed his mind to keep the site , he’ll return shortly with his famous catchy blogs to you fans that supported us, Fear not Kingmenu will returned. But worry not the site will  stay open as long as you have Shockwave.

Best Always the Fans!

Shockwave and Staff.



6 thoughts on “The Decision has been turned Kingmenu will keep the site open!

  1. Awesome! Good job, SW! I really hope Kingmenu returns. I had just found this blog recently and there were so many shows not available anywhere else in any form! Who cares about the complainers!? Block them! They suck!

    Shockwave, how do we access your old subs that used to be on Like eps. 2-6 of Judo Boy. Thanks!

    • Hi godschuma, this is KM, messaging you…as far as Judo boy episodes and We will be posting them here with new links in the weeks to come, and thank you for your kind words! But right now! We got a Big Big Surprise in-stored for you Fans. And this will get you really going! (smiles) KM

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