Re-Posting Demon Of Kick Boxing Episode 02

Fans request this old one so here it is!

Direct Down Load Link:



13 thoughts on “Re-Posting Demon Of Kick Boxing Episode 02

      • I just discovered the site recently. I was looking for the Wolf Guy OVA, but I haven’t even dream about finding it subbed! Well, I only found first 2 episodes, and I’m not sure about the rest… Have you guys ever finished it? (Sorry to tell you, but the site is kind of “hard to browse”.)

        Also, do you guys have a list of the stuff you subbed, where I could check all your works?


    • Well your the first to asked about Judo boy, for the time being we may re-posted them in a few weeks, for right now were searching for a translator, if you know anyone tell them to contact us Km

    • well be posting them in a few weeks for right now were at a standstill looking for a translator sadly we have a lot of shows and surprises but we need a steady translator so pass the Word around Km

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