Summer Special From the Private Archives of Kingmenu Hurricane Polymar Finale Episode

This one, is giving homage to an old hero of mine, wherever he is? A couple of years ago it was a guy that was trying to bring old classic anime on the web but I guess it was too much for him, and third parties really did him bad! This post is dedicated to him, instantking, he was the person that made me decided to champion the old anime shows! This one is his subtitle shows..I downloaded this particular one and kept it, wasn’t a bad subtitle, although i think he used a primitive subtitles anyway! It is enjoyable! And I decided to present this one.The show was created by Tatsuo Yoshida, who had produced many of Tatsunoko’s series.

Direct Download Link:


Original ruvlcsnap-3953-08-13-09h15m00s308nvlcsnap-1005-10-03-20h49m16s142 Octob4, 1974 –March 28, 1975vlcsnap-7090-07-27-02h11m07s946vlcsnap-3307-09-03-02h09m46s811er 
Episodes 26

4 thoughts on “Summer Special From the Private Archives of Kingmenu Hurricane Polymar Finale Episode

  1. For you fans of Hurricane Polymar: You can download the entire series via torrent on or via ( just create an account and try to keep seeding ) they have by far the fastest download/upload.

    Regarding who it was who subbed it: I looked on the torrent from Luurah and the description is the following for episode 1-12:

    ” This release is entirely by the group, “Universal Quantifier”. I’m just offering QC and Distro.

    These encodes used here were done by Simu. Thank you for making such high-quality raws. ”

    Maybe that’s right?

    Hope this is of help to you guys!

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