Tiger Mask II Episode:17 The road to reminiscence – Wrestling Is Here!!

“The Road to reminiscence-wrestling”. Sunrise that Ahman Hassan to return in accordance with the interview of the sport Tatsuo Aku has been requested, with a contact in Tiger Mask II, it was to call to midnight at the National Stadium. Tatsuo stands at the National Stadium of the ground in the form of Tiger Mask II. It appeared to was the 11 people of the private team of Hassan, which was organized with the acquisition of star player of American football. Hassan will request the case confrontation with this population, Oh yeah i know you fans been anticipating on this one! so hold on to your seats, Yes Tiger Mask II is back, and we hope you fans enjoy this one! Brought to you by Kingmenu/ Makki/ Shockwave2016

Direct Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/2y3c7gl2hfskwir/Tiger_Mask_Episode_17_Kingmenu_Makki_Shockwave_2016_Subs.mkv








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