Tiger Mask II Episode:15 Universal Wrestling Federation?

Hey fans! Long wait is over! Kingmenu is back! With the new installment Tiger-Mask II episode 15 is here! I know you thought it was over? Just getting back to the groove of things! And yes Makki is still aboard with the translation! Which I tip my hat too! Need us say no more! This episode reveals the identity of who’s behind the Universal space federation. the tycoon oil king M. Hasson. I won’t give it away you have to see this! Thanks for your patience.


vlcsnap-9862-06-01-14h08m52s547  vlcsnap-7705-07-01-15h02m29s663








Direct Download Link::http://www.mediafire.com/download/4ffxpc7cpt5xub2/Tiger_Mask_II_Episode_15_Kingmenu_Makki_Subs_2016.mkv


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