New Links: Maryūu Senki OVA 3 Evil Dragon Divine Transmission Finale Is Here!

Hey Fans!  I  know you been waiting for this! It should had been done a few weeks ago! The finale installment of this classic OVA. Here’s a little summary of this… Once upon a time, there was a family having strong influence on the rule of the Imperial Court. They had their own might called Kidou, and yet got hated because of the might itself. At last, their patriarch was entrapped to his death, and the family was doomed to ruin. The present day, the descendants of this family, now calling themselves Kidoushuu, schemed to resurrect their murdered patriarch and the ferocious evil spell went into action. STAFF Ono Yumi  Lyrics  Kobayashi  Masami , Director Tatsuya Okamoto , Hiroaki Oogami, Character Design Naoyuki Onda Let us know if you have any old classic OVA of yesteryear that are out of print, or never been subbed ad well see if that dream of seeing your favorite Anime cam possible be done! Again thanks from the Staff: Kingmenu, Shockwave2015, Strike-Zone 2015, and our Newest member Strike-force oh we forgotten to introduced him, Stayed Tuned. KM

Direct Download Link



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