Holidays Triple-Header Tiger Mask II

Wow, what a long week, i know for the past few months we been just focusing on this character, and really enjoying the responses to it! And we definitely making a great effort to doing this series and completing this! so for weeks now I had this in mind to do a triple-header if possible..but that means a whole lot of mid night hours and coffee, not to mention sleepless nights the staff and myself really wanted to lay this one on you! So Here it is! Thanks to Makki and Shockwave2015, not to mention Kmingmenu  we presented you The Christmas Holiday Triple header, which starts where the Double header left off at! Well first starting with


Tiger Mask II Episode 10 The Challenge Iron Mask

Direct download :



Tiger Mask II Episode 11 “Cruel Law”

Direct download Link:





Here the new Link for Episode 12, sorry for a bit of the wait!

Tiger Mask II Episode: 12 Hell Hawks

Direct Download:






2 thoughts on “Holidays Triple-Header Tiger Mask II

    • Yeah, we decided to change for a few episodes, wait till you see Episode 13, we will have the full credits of the voice Actors and staff of this show! Enjoy Km

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