Tiger Mask II Danger! Japan Pro Wrestling, Is Here!

This is the basic summary of episode 09 Match starts Inoki faced the crisis early, the Tiger Brigade. Inoki was Mr. Who No.1 No.2 special sandwich, kick, distorting the face and fell to the mat.  The tiger was replaced the same sandwich kick prey. George has watched on TV in the hospital, Mr Who set offensive just excitement.  And was looking forward to the moment and showing a clean fight in Tiger when forced to fix definitely an unfair penalty to dabble in should be. However, even if Tiger is how opposing the relic in her attacks, was devoted to Takizawa. Compete in a full sandwich kick so much distressed, also focused on the enemy in front.  However, whenever Japan camp attack, Mr. Fu pair overcome because of a foul. Badness is the Tiger’s back it is couldn’t stand any longer but Inoki is when Tiger trapped in the bloody murder weapon attack and jump to the rescue. ”Is the heart of a boy riding on this! This one has it all! Brought to you by Kingmenu, Makki, and Yes Shockwave 2015 also!

Direct Download:  http://www.mediafire.com/watch/orhlay1d7thdsl5/Tiger_Mask_II_Episode_09_Kingmenu_Makki_Shockwave_Subs_2015.mkvvlcsnap-3311-09-04-16h42m14s780vlcsnap-1219-04-25-10h29m03s211vlcsnap-1222-06-28-19h29m52s642vlcsnap-1251-09-30-17h55m59s208vlcsnap-2199-05-08-04h16m31s965vlcsnap-0343-05-11-09h36m20s986vlcsnap-0110-03-02-06h56m02s827vlcsnap-1529-01-13-18h48m32s054vlcsnap-3656-09-10-19h31m22s372vlcsnap-5749-01-21-01h35m52s941vlcsnap-6395-01-01-08h51m38s438vlcsnap-3818-12-23-11h31m51s354


2 thoughts on “Tiger Mask II Danger! Japan Pro Wrestling, Is Here!

  1. Makki is really bring it home here! In addition to this series this episode coming after will have a three way joint collaboration! Yes fans! did I say three?? well you have to stay tuned and see the next post! as always we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving from the Staff of Menu..Roll Called Shockwave2015, Strike-Force, Strike-Zone, The Fabulous Makki and not to mention Kingmenu, wishing you a happy hoildays always.

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