Tiger Mask II Episode 08 Showdown team match! Is Here!

Yes the space Organization sends two new adversaries to combat Tiger Mask and Antonio Inoki, this time they go out for all the stops! Arriving in japan is Mr. Who 1 & 2. And these guys plays for keeps! Meanwhile Lt. Henry aka Outer -Space Mask is revealed to be dead. As his wife and son finds out about this, Which Henry’s son Georgie blames tiger -Mask for his defeat by believing he used dirty tactics to win, And to make matters worst, he refused to undergo a operation to make him well. This episode is action pack! So don’t missed this one! Its a shocker!vlcsnap-0693-12-30-07h12m47s085vlcsnap-2874-07-20-09h52m56s028vlcsnap-2969-02-05-00h07m32s264vlcsnap-1366-10-03-02h47m41s072vlcsnap-5173-04-16-06h21m10s266vlcsnap-6778-10-23-12h33m18s889vlcsnap-9534-05-26-11h41m21s152vlcsnap-6146-12-21-06h22m12s158vlcsnap-6268-05-01-09h01m32s884vlcsnap-1116-04-13-14h22m23s716vlcsnap-1251-09-30-17h55m59s208vlcsnap-2042-09-09-07h16m08s490

Direct Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/watch/j8e2721ndrs1i63/Tiger_Mask_II_Episode_8_Final_Production_Kingmenu_Makki_2015.mkv


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