Classic Rare Anime Movies: Presents: Mazinger Z vs. Devilman Movie (Summer Special) Is Here!

Mazinger Z vs. Devilman Movie, Here’s another one showcase that’s hard to find in its entirety! 1973 animated movie that crossed over two then-popular Anime series, both of which were created by Manga artist Go Nagai.Note however that the movie features alternate versions of events from both series, and is therefore not canonical to either one. This one we notice also wasn’t even online to say? Maybe a trailer or short clip segments, anyway this little gem we decided to bring to you Anime Fans! Under our Opening feature called Classic Rare Anime Movies: a Summer Special for this month! From our personal collection! Enjoy! Kingmenu and staff!

Direct Download Link:!zVJRjSgR!jjFdwD1gL5jsFQ92kdWO_AJ3RnIaquOrFjVK29mpm-g



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