Yuusei Ouji aka Planetary Prince Episode:0 Prologue Origin Special Exclusive Is Here Now On Kingmenu!

Yes fans Yuusei Oji, is back again! And since it seems that it’s taking a bit of time for the other site to post it? Due to technical difficulties, We decided we can’t keep you Fans waiting so here it is!

Direct Download Link:


planetary prince “(planetary prince), the Senkosha name of special effects TV show and the hero of production.
 1958 November 111959 September 4 to NTV aired at the system.
 Provided Tokyo Shibaura Electric (now Toshiba) one company.
 In 1959 Toei is also published theater version of the production.
 Story of the success of the Earth in a planetary prince of earth that came from the star, called a planet in order to add to the universe Federation.
 A television hero 2nd of Senkosha, Japanese-made TV hero 2nd.
 Previous work “Moonlight Mask” was, aiming to “Japanese-made Superman”, this work was strengthened shades of strengthening the SF color “Japanese-made Superman”.
 This is the time of this work is ” Superman has landed in American comics hero such as “Japan, is because that has been popular in Japan of children.
 Is a playwright debut wins Igami.
 This has been a completely different hero in the television version with or own a spaceship or differ in costume theater version.
 I had played a planetary prince / vaccinia Mr. Toshio Mimura (Fujio Murakami).
 Provisional figure of the earth to say the frame’s Prince came from the planet.
 Although a prince it is often referred to as “uncle” for children.
 Although not why identity is finds out why not in hiding the face.
 Mimura from the fact that the face has come out has been acting to enter the suit.
Nationalkid site is one of our favorites and we always support all anime Totkustaku sites and keep them going, its you fans that make this fun! and we thank you all Kingmenu!

2 thoughts on “Yuusei Ouji aka Planetary Prince Episode:0 Prologue Origin Special Exclusive Is Here Now On Kingmenu!

  1. Thank you Kingmenu… this is amazing as always! Sorry I’ve been away but now I’m back and this episode is mirrored over at my site. Come on guys, let’s see the origin of Yuusei Ouji!

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