Hey Fans! Astro-Ganga! Episode:02 Living Robot, Is Here!

Right on schedule for you Fans! we plan to continue doing this series on a monthly thing! We hope you enjoy this show? We look forward from your response KM.


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6 thoughts on “Hey Fans! Astro-Ganga! Episode:02 Living Robot, Is Here!

    • Changeman ken was done by the same company Knack production it came out a year after AstroGanga! In other words Changeman Ken taken a lot of idea from Astro Ganaga!

  1. Hello !!
    Is my dram coming true ? finaly some fans translating astro ganga into english !
    Yatta ^_^ happy happy happy !!
    Pleas keep going , and if you can get us the O.S.T I would be thankful .
    I’m the biggest fan of astro ganga

    • Thanks from the Staff! Check out the first episode, Enjoy, For right now were recession…looking for translators here. So if there any translators out there give us a message! Staff.

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