Red Baron (anime) Episode:01 Strongest Robo Red Baron! Is Here Now!

Here we go again, A fan asked was we gonna do this? and at first I hadn’t decided too. But Looking around i saw that this show was one that barely reach the U.S. So why not? Shockwave personally loves this character, So he really got into this! I familar with the live action show, which is on DVD. But when i saw this 1994 TMS  Production i had to at least obtain an the info:Red Baron (RED BARON) is, 1994 April 5, from 1995 March 28 to NTV all 49 episodes have been broadcast in the system, Tokyo movie Shinsha of production robot anime .Story

Vagabond metal driver Beni-ken came to Japan in order to become a champion.Happens to be met Sae-jo Shoko by some incident, she was supposed to steer the metal Fighter “Red Baron” was developed.

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Translated By Km

Subtitle By Shockwave 2014