Exclusive Classics Greats!

Just here typing away..thinking about those other classic Anime Fan subs that been done years ago and now are forgotten. a few of them shows  or some are unobtainable  sadly. During there hay day like the 80s and 90s there were many Anime OVA subtitles..which went into obscurity. shows now that you can even find on the internet or anywhere..unless you have a rich uncle that would lend you a few bucks to purchase them overseas Good Luck. my plan is to present at least some  of them once a month! Like for example Kekko Kamen, which was from my private collection. But there is more that I know possible that fans have heard about but never seen. so when you see a post with KM presentation or Cult classics you will know that its an oldie from back in the day! And not necessarily subbed by or translated by me and Shockwave2014. I’m just paying homeage to those trailblazer Fan subers of yesteryears! A tip to the hat for there Efforts. Kingmenu and Shockwave2014unicorn


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