Dororo Episode 19 Leica Dog and Ken Leica (らいかけん) Direct Download Is Here!

Okay on my previous post I posted Dororo Color Pilot, But then I remember that there was another one I done earlier during 2013 with Shockwave! We were inspired by how good the subtitles were presented by Skaro Hunting Society! We fell in love with the show! We knew that they were doing them! Well the early episodes! So I wanted to do one so I jump way ahead to do episode 19 Leica Dog
and Ken Leica (らいかけん).This was my first time I done a Osamu Terzuka Anime! Which I was quite uncertain. After it was completed I put it away! With no intentions of ever presenting it for viewers! Like the color pilot We done later it was just for us to view! Out of all the story-line in Dororo this particular episode wasn’t originally in the manga!  This episode was solely made I guess as a filler episode, which I quite like and I thought it wouldn’t step on what Skaro was doing! Well Shockwave2014 said posted it and see what fans think! Well here it is and it will be DDL for you fans! Coming soon Later!

Direct Download Link:



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